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I never travel internationally without my Bestek Universal Adapter! It has 3 outlets and 4 USB Ports that easily allows you to easily charge your phone, smart watch, battery booster and so much more all at the same time!

Nothing is worse then trying to get some sleep on the airplane and your head acts like a bobble-head doll! Get yourself this comfy Cloudz Microbead Neck Pillow and sleep in style. 

My family knows that when I pull this Travel Wallet out, I must be getting ready to jet-set to some far-flung destination. This helps keep all my travel documents handy and it even has RFID blocking protection!

Let's face it, you aren't going anywhere without a face mask nowadays! No more funny looks when you cover up your face while traveling. It's the new normal so make sure to protect yourself and those around you. It's not fashionable but it gets the job done!

Poo-Pourri...I know it seems crazy BUT don't laugh! It works! Traveling and eating strange foods will quickly throw your digestive system out of whack. When you have to head to the toilet in a public place, spare your stallmates (and yourself) by a quick spray in the water before you go.

These Booty Wipes for Women go hand-in-hand with the Poo-Pourri :-)

It's difficult to feel clean after those long haul trips. Make sure you take care of your personal hygiene at every opportunity. I like these because they're individually wrapped and you can tuck them in your pocket or purse easily.

For all my gentlemen out there, I haven't forgotten about you! 

Booty Wipes for Men are for you.

I can't say that I've used them before but I think you'll like these as well!

If you travel frequently you know it can get pretty chilly up there in the friendly skies. Cover up with this comfy BlueHills Premium Soft Travel Blanket. It doubles as a pillow when stored in this this cute pouch.

Smells create experiences and can be ingrained in our memories for a lifetime. I like the enhance my travel experience in my hotel room by lighting one of these super fragrant Paddywax travel candles. It also helps mask any lingering "hotel" smells.

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